Do you work with all ages? My son is 5 and interested in starting karate – some places I have looked at don’t start until 7 years??

We start at age 3. He would fit in perfectly. It is perfect at that age, they are like sponges. They absorb everything quickly.


Is there a certain time to come by and check it out??

No specific time. Our instructors are here all day Monday – Saturday and available to talk to parents and sign people up. If you would like to see a class stop in anytime.


Who can benefit??

Everyone, even if you feel you are overweight, uncoordinated, inflexible, or lacking self confidence or self discipline, you may have the most to gain by training. Of course results should not be expected overnight, but if you train on a regular basis and stay with it, you will begin to see improvement. Nothing of real value is ever obtained with ease. All kinds of people benefit from Karate training. Women, children and men can be found at No Limits Karate Academy.