Changed for the better

So impressed with this team. My 3 year old was crying and screaming and they gently yet very effectively turned him into a happily engaged karate loving kid. You have a couple of very happy parents here.

More than Karate

Mr. Wayne is so wonderful with kids of all ages, he is also involved with helping the kids with issues outside of the dojo. All you have to do is ask him to talk to one of the kids and is right on it, plus he is always keeping the parents in the loop. If…

Family atmosphere

My son has been taking karate lessons here for over a year now. All the instructors are great with the kids, including the really young ones, and have made an effort to create a family-like atmosphere with the parents. My son is learning important skills, like self defense techniques as well as respect for others,…

A passion for teaching

No Limits Karate has been such a great experience for our son Cole and our family as a whole. All the instructors show great passion and are wonderful with the kids. I highly recommend this dojo.

Life lessons

Our son has been taking karate at No Limits for 3 years now and the lessons that he has learned at the dojo readily translate to real life. He has learned humility and respect in addition to the martial arts skills. We can’t say enough great things about this dojo and are proud to be…